Free Publications from SafetyWorks!

Most SafetyWorks! publications are available both on-line and as printed copies.

Workplace Safety and Health Video Library List

Workplace Safety and Health Consultation or download a PDF

Maine Employee Rights Guide

OSHA Forms for Reporting Work-related Injuries and Illnesses (PDF)

Tips for a Healthy Back (for farmworkers, in English and Spanish) (PDF)


A Guide to Maine Laws Governing the Employment of Minors


Keys to Your Good Work: Safe Computer Use for Maine Workers (PDF)

The Maine Video Display Terminal Law (PDF)

Video Display Terminal Training: Working Safely With Computers. (Powerpoint presentation - available on CD)


Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (annual - web only) (PDF)

Characteristics of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses in Maine (annual) (PDF)

Occupational Injuries and Illness in Maine (annual - web only) (PDF)

Maine Fatality Assessment and Control (FACE) Reports (PDF)


Job Safety and Health Protection (PDF) (Maine Public Sector Workplaces)

OSHA Poster (Private Workplaces)

The Maine Video Display Terminal Law (PDF)

Additional Labor Posters


The Bureau of Labor Standards, Maine Department of Labor has additional publications on workplace regulations.

The OSHA Web page and the NIOSH Web page offer free publications on many occupational safety and health topics.